Lighting can play a pivotal role in making your garden the ideal space you wish it to be. Whether you opt for crosslighting, downlighting, step-lighting or more, each design choice enhances the atmosphere of your garden. What you have to remember about lighting, though, is that it should be functional and not purely cosmetic. What is it you want from your garden lighting? Think about how it will affect the rest of the space, for better or worse. Which choice is right for you?

Some lighting styles are better off being used discretely, whereas others make great centrepieces and major garden features. Moreover, too obstructive, over-lit, or poorly positioned, and lighting can ruin your garden’s serenity. Let us help you get it right. We find that subtle, functional lighting is always the best choice. Check out our expert guide to garden lighting below.

Uplighting, Downlighting, and Silhouetting

Always a stylish choice, uplighting creates dynamic lighting effects with a strong sense of drama. They look great when built into the floor, particularly around large plants like shrubs and trees. As they are fitted directly beneath the plant, it can create a stylish silhouette effect.

We have seen some stunning examples of downlighting before, where lights shine down from trees or garden features to illuminate the area beneath. Similarly, silhouetting is very effective here, as you can place lights behind trees and sculptures. This creates dramatic shadows on walls and hedges. Both are very striking at night, and a sure topic of conversation when entertaining guests.

Spotlighting, Crosslighting, and Moonlighting

You should position spotlighting at a distance from a garden structure, like a statue or water feature. You can position spotlights on the ground or at a height, depending on the effect you wish to create. Moreover, crosslighting is an equally effective lighting decision. This is where light shines on an object from one side, e.g. a statue, leaving the other side in shadow. Ingenious use of shadow and light works wonders with sculptures and large plants, lending your garden a sense of the theatrical.

Imagine basking in the drama of your stylishly lit garden, the stars above you, and night-sounds all around you. And what better way to take advantage of night time tranquillity than moonlighting. Fix your lights to a tree to cast a beautiful moonlight effect on the area below. Position the lighting over a seating area for added effect.

Wall-washing, Step-lighting, and Accent Lighting

Wall-washing creates stunningly beautiful lighting effects, particularly when paired with water features. Wall-washing casts light against a vertical surface and, when paired with pools, ponds, or fountains, will cast shimmering light reflections. This is especially great for walls with murals or bas-reliefs and will accentuate the fine details.

Furthermore, accent lighting around water features, up steps, or along paths will enhance the garden’s mood. Step-lighting is also an important safety feature as it’s easy to trip when it’s dark out. There’s no need to fear the dark. You’ll find yourself exploring your garden by night, experiencing it completely anew, rediscovering every path and pool.

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