Every home is completely different, from size to shape, height to width and so on. How each room is designed is all down to personal style, and what works best for you. Many rooms in the home don’t always have a strong personal touch, however you tend to find that there is one room in particular that does, and this is the bedroom. Your bedroom is the one space you need to be able to relax, wind down and switch off, therefore it needs to be inviting and homely. It’s so easy to become swamped and let things pile up, however it’s really important to keep your bedroom as light and uplifting as possible, ensuring you can relax properly.

There are so many ways in which your bedroom can work for you. Space is always the number one issue in any room, and your bedroom is probably the worst for this. Having to store every item of clothing, shoes and not to mention every other thing that you need just in case, it’s really key to make sure you design your room to suit you and your needs perfectly. Many rooms today have en-suites or an added room for extra wardrobe space etc, and if this is the case, one perfect way of opening up your room and adding light is by using sliding doors, as this way you can either have your room opened up, or you can close it off dependant on what suits you. Sliding door tracks are also very safe and practical, so it’s a great addition to any room. You may also find that blinds are another great way of increasing the amount of natural light flowing throughout the room, as you can adjust the settings to suit your mood. Blinds are perfect for filtering the light perfectly, as some days the sun may be too strong, or you may just want to block it out all together! Natural light is a key element in creating a larger feel to a room, as well as adding to the aesthetic pleasure. You can rest assured that your room will feel fresh and bright whenever you have a flow of natural light throughout.

It can be so difficult to utilise your space correctly, especially in your bedroom, where the bed takes up a significant amount of space and you end up having to work around the room to fit wardrobes and drawers. It’s really easy to keep on top of your storage if you install the right kind of furniture to begin with. If you want to keep the feel of fresh, open living then it’s best to not overcrowd your room, Try placing one wardrobe in the room as well as a chest of drawers or other types of drawers to keep your clothing neatly stored away. Under bed storage is also perfect as no extra floor space is required for storing your miscellaneous items yet you still have additional space, which is ideal. If your bed doesn’t have room for under storage, you could always consider additional boxes stacked upon each other, again using little floor space yet still giving you the option of storing more things that you need in your bedroom.

It’s so difficult to gain the correct balance when it comes to storage as it can make a big difference to the overall atmosphere of your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is crowded and busy it will feel messy and untidy. Whereas if you have a neat, tidy bedroom with beautiful storage and style then your room will feel inviting and homely. There are so many different ways in which you can play around with storage and find what works best for you, it’s all about balance and creating a room that is practical and functional for you.


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