If you are considering flooring for your home, then one choice is maple hardwood flooring. Indeed, maple hardwood floors are just one of many types of flooring for your home. However, maple wood is one of the strong, durable, dense-grained wood, so it is relatively robust to withstand scratches, chips and dents easily. Besides, maple wood is also beautiful, Neutral colors blend well with most furnishings and have artistic value in the form of a circle on the board of the maple tree. Neutral colors blend well with most furnishings

Maple hardwood flooring colors

Maple hardwood has a variety of colors and very interesting texture. Colors including brown, light reddish brown and white. Maple wood is hard and heavy with good strength properties. It is highly resistant to wear and abrasion. The Maple wood is widely available in the United States and Canada.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Advantages to choosing maple hardwood flooring

Maple hardwood flooring has advantages, such as: ease of maintenance, caring for maple wood flooring is very easy. You just need to clean the dust on the floor. In addition, you must ensure maple wood floors are always in dry conditions. The beauty, almost everyone recognizes that maple wood flooring suitable for various places in the house. You can also use it for decoration. This will look natural and neutral if it is accompanied with the property are made of similar material. The absence of allergens, some other types of flooring such as ceramic tile or carpet, there may be allergens refuge in it. Maple wood is a good way to make sure that allergens are not reaching you from the floor.

Weakness maple hardwood flooring

Though hard, Maple wood floor is not without drawbacks. Maple floor is not very tolerant of changes in temperature and humidity. When the humidity rises, the floor can swell. If the humidity is too low, the floor can shrink and gaps may appear. Another drawback, is that it does not stain uniformly. And there are also costs to worry about.

The following are some types of maple hardwood flooring. you can choose according to your taste;

  • maple cherry hardwood floor
  • maple clear cappuccino hardwood floor
  • maple clear caramel hardwood floor
  • maple clear copper hardwood floor
  • maple clear mocha hardwood floor
  • maple clear natural hardwood floor

is maple a good hardwood floor?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to install wood flooring maple. I personally really like the maple hardwood flooring. If you are considering hardwood maple flooring for your home, there are a few things you should consider; Maple wood is very hard, it’s very good to hold a variety of collision. Maple wood grain pattern is more subtle than many other woods. Maple wood is also the most popular choice. why? because the maple wood is Strong, durable, easy available, relatively affordable, although it is difficult to sand, which is necessary to stain easily and neutral colors blend well with most furniture.
I said the maple wood is good choice for flooring. But, it all depends on you, matching with your home  furniture, walls, your personality and your lifestyle.


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