People have used many different materials for roofing through the centuries, with metal having a history as long as many others. Copper was used thousands of years ago and was a common material for cathedrals and castles through the Middle Ages. Builders and architects have found that metal is an excellent choice for your roof as some can last 100 years or more.

Some materials used for metal roofing have recycled content, which makes them recyclable. Roofs of this type generally remain a bit cooler than asphalt during the hot months, partly because it reflects heat rather than absorbing it. Some homeowners have found that when they combine metal roofing with an insulation upgrade, their energy costs can drop as much as 40%.

Galvanised Steel

Early metal roofs of the modern era were corrugated galvanised steel. Today you may see material names such as Zincalume to refer to the specific content, which includes aluminium and zinc. Sometimes the surface shows the zinc finish but in recent years companies have manufactured materials with various factory-coated colours. It’s also possible to get tile sheets that are made of metal. These are also painted or given another type of coating.

Experience certainly counts in most construction and building trades and it’s certainly true with roofing. If you are thinking about replacing your current roof, you may want to get started by visiting the website of a company that has several decades of experience. These experts have been providing quality services for half a century, building a reputation as one of the leaders in the industry.

Now, when you’re searching for metal roofing materials in Melbourne, you can work with a company that has focused on components and general roofing sales in addition to commercial handrail hire. Browse the site to learn more about the specific products and services offered and then talk to a representative to discuss your specific needs.


You will have access to a range of roofing materials as well as an in-house sheet metal folder and workshop so all your roofing, flashing, and guttering is completed on premises. The product line includes metal, polycarbonate, and fibreglass roofing, guttering, fascia, flashings, and an array of home improvement items.

Depend on one of the leading suppliers of quality materials such as Australian-made steel roofing (Colorbond and Zincalume) from major manufacturers. You can get a better idea of what you have to choose from by visiting the website and browsing both the roofing profiles and the colour options. Select from selections that include the classic Australian corrugated design, a contemporary ribbed roofing profile, a design that is perfect when you need a stronger and bolder look, or the “new generation” wide-cover cladding.

When it’s time to select a colour, you have many options in either the classic or contemporary category. Classic hues range from cream and deep ocean blue to manor red and night sky. Contemporary colours include basalt, evening haze, dune, terrain, wallaby, and windspray. When you want an attractive long-lasting roof, this is the place to turn.


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