The good old chimney has its place in the British culture, and for several centuries, chimneys have been seen on roofs nationwide. The essential flue for an open fire, the chimney plays a vital role in the fire’s combustion by creating a draught in the flue, and the increased oxygen input reacts with the fire and keeps it glowing.  The inner flue surface is prone to soot build up, and with regular use, the flue dimensions become narrower due to the soot deposits on all sides of the flue, and this will seriously affect the efficiency of the chimney, and if the flue becomes blocked, this can instantly cause the living room to fill with smoke.

Chimney Damage

Chimneys typically jut out from the roof at right angles, thus they are exposed to the roaring elements and are prone to damage. Debris can be thrown around during strong winds and very often a chimney is damaged, and if this is not addressed, it can lead to more serious problems. Due to the growing popularity of the open fire, there are specialist companies that sweep and repair chimneys of all shapes and sizes, and if a person were looking for chimney repairs in Crawley, for example, an online search would help you locate a local expert who can quickly carry out the necessary repairs. It is recommended to consult with a professional chimney repair company, as it is dangerous for any untrained person to work in such an environment, besides, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could make the problem worse.

Sweeping Services

Despite the many technological advances in the modern world, chimneys still have to be swept, although you’ll be happy to hear they no longer send little boys up the chimney. In the 19th century, a chimney sweep was considered to be a good trade, as there would always be a demand, and many young boys entered the trade as apprentices. Boys as young as the age of six were trained in chimney sweeping, and the master sweep would oversee operations on the ground, while his agile young trainee shimmied up the chimney flue using his knees and elbows, often wearing a brush contraption that would dislodge the soot from the inner walls. Today, however, the sweeping is carried out from the ground, and with CCTV inspections, every inch on a chimney flue can be closely examined for signs of damage. The modern chimney sweep is a far cry from the old days, and he no longer is covered by soot when the work is completed.

Regular Sweeping

Sweeping the flue on a regular basis will ensure that your fire has a healthy glow about it, and when the tradesman comes to do that, he can also inspect both the interior and exterior for damage and carry out any necessary repairs promptly.

If you need any chimney repairs or maintenance, an online search would likely reveal a local company that does nothing else except maintaining and cleaning domestic and commercial chimneys, and once you have forged an alliance, he can ensure your chimney is always in good working order.