Times have changed and what used to be modern a decade ago is now seen as archaic and the bedroom is one of those areas that has experienced very dramatic changes in the past decade. In fact, many traditional furniture stores our grandparents grew up with are now transforming themselves into modern line furniture stores or at least have created a modern line section addition to their traditional offerings.

This can only mean good news and a testament to the fact that change is the only constant thing in life including your bedroom furniture life. This article will touch a little bit on this evolution and will also be discussing the modern design elements of the modern bedroom furniture. To aid this discussion, we will be diving it into two areas to concentrate on in the modernizing of any bedroom and its furniture which include the bed and the flooring.

modern bedroom furniture

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, so it is not surprising that the bed has been the most transformed piece of furniture as we navigated the modern bedroom furniture revolution to date. As the bed furniture has evolved, it has gone through several phases from having more materials added to it to what we have now where there seems to be a correlation such as the less the material used to make the bed the more modern it seems to be. For example, we now have beds that do not have the traditional four legs but only one leg at the center of the bed so as to give it the feel of being suspended.

The flooring of the modern bedroom has gone through probably the most difficult evolution because it seems we the modern population has not yet decided on what a modern bedroom flooring should really be. We have gone from hard flooring such as hardwood of our grandparent’s days to soft flooring like carpets and rugs, went back to hardwood in our parents days and now it seems we are back to carpets and rugs. Some have tried to remedy this dichotomy by using but hardwood flooring and carpets in the same bedroom by using the rugs as accents to the hardwood flooring. This debate might not be over just yet and we might just see another round of evolution before the modern man/woman decides on what a truly modern bedroom flooring should be.


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