Fireplaces are known for providing a cozy and aristocratic look to all the rooms that have one. Whether it is made of wood, stone or marble, these pieces of furniture are both classical and artistic. Due to the aspect that improves the aesthetic of a place, fireplaces were also used as design for famous movies.

Among many movies that had a fireplace on the set, one can always mention Gone with the Wind, Titanic, Home Alone or Harry Potter, but the list can go on. These fireplaces must have been used by artistic directors for a spectacular look and a touch of class. For me, the images stuck in my mind and made me believe that a fireplace is a must in any home as it offers a comfortable feeling.

A solution for having that movie look alike in your own home is having an reproduction fireplace as its design offers a noble aspect and no matter what, it fits both modern decorated homes and classical decorated homes. A wide variety of such antique fireplaces can be found at the Thornhill Galleries which provides a selection of over 350 models, you can also get a great piece of advice on how to choose the perfect fireplace to best suit your home.

Along the incredible variety of wood, metal, marble and stone antique fireplaces, Thornhill Galleries also provides customers with recreation fireplaces that are designed as per the buyer’s desires, whether we refer to the design or the size so that one can have the perfectly integrated fireplace to best fit the room and its décor.

So for all of you who want to recreate the ambient you have seen in the movie or to simply give a touch of class to your home, an antique fireplace, carefully crafted is the best solution. A fireplace offers you both warmth and comfort by also improving the aesthetics of your house.


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