There are many occasions which can be celebrated with emotions and lots of love, it may be your mom/dad birthday’s celebration or their wedding anniversary. We all want to celebrate these events with some fun and happiness. Every little effort shows your unconditional love for them. So to make your event more beautiful and cherish able, you have to do such small arrangements.  Today I am going to share with you a very simple but really adorable act that can be appreciated by your loved ones.

So if you decorate your father day table or want to celebrate his birthday party then I will tell you how you can make your father’s table special by napkin folds. Today I am going to tell you how you can make neckties napkins for the dinner table. The things you required are the just the fabric of your own choice. For the best folds it should be of 24 inch square.

Start with the napkins; put the napkin on the iron stand diagonally then fold it first from the left side then from the right side. Both sides should be even about one-third downward to length of the napkin, fold up the thin top point to left and a little down then overlap the napkin from side to side. Then take the lean point and carry on the main area of the napkin toward left, by this you have make the knot of the tie. Fold the point backside of the top area of tie that will make loose knot of the tie. Then make the shape of the tie knot that you like . Place the card on the table and napkin on the plate. Make further arrangements for this special day arrangements.


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