For any woman or man, holding their cutiepie warmly is a feeling full of emotions. Baby’s first breath on the earth can fill the heart with abundant love, care and affection. Their laugh, smile, cry or rest other activity can make you lost into them and adore & cuddle them with infinite love.

In short, for every parent, babies are an apple of their eyes. And so, they don’t want their newborn to suffer from any tough time. Thus, here I come with baby’s must-have thing, be ready mummies for a new purchase!…baby related companies are coming up with brand new products that mainly focus on baby’s comfort & safety.

If you’re moms-to-be, keep your nursery room ready with Boori Sleigh Convertible Cot or cot bed before newborn arrives and deliver comfort to your kiddie. Here are few factors that can help you in making a right purchase. Ponder on it….

How to buy a right cot?

There are few factors that need your full focus before buying a baby cot.

  • First of all, as a responsible parent, it’s your duty to be updated and preplanned. So, dig information on the internet or baby magazines, articles. Through this way, you can also compare the prices and various specifications & features of the product. You can also make an easy & quick purchase from online stores.
  • Be prepare with choosing adjustable and portable baby cot, as your baby is going to grow up every next day. Also, it’ll be easy to carry the cot while travelling.
  • Don’t forget to consider your nursery room’s color and interior. Choose the one that matches with your baby’s room.
  • One hope window is open if you’ve confusion between certain products. You can ask your friends or relatives who already have invested in products like a baby cot. You can also ask them to borrow from them if you aren’t ready to make any purchase. But, before borrowing baby related stuff, double sure about its stability & durability.
  • If you’re making a new purchase then buy wooden cots as they look stylish and classy. There are variety of cots available in the market. Why should any mother buy a wooden cot for her baby? It is because, wooden baby cots are affordable, easy to maintain and also comfortable.
  • Don’t order any baby cot before deciding the place where you’ll place it. Take measurement before you install baby cot. Also, find out whether it will be possible to adjust the cot size later on in that place.
  • Since you’re making a big purchase, spend few more bucks on bedding stuff that matches with the baby cot. Also, it will be easy for you to buy bedding products from the same shop. Remember, always buy bedding which is soft and dark in color.

Also, the shop sells different baby accessories and decoration stuff such as, wind      chimes, soft toys and stickers which can give your baby’s nursery amazing look.

  • One another thing, if you want your baby right beside your bed then, you can also consider bedside cot. It offers you the facility to have your baby next to you safely from birth until they become ready to hit the floor. No doubt, it can make yours and your baby’s routine easy as mums can easily feed their kid.

Final Thought…

Parenting is not as easy as most of you think. But, you can short down your workload by investing in baby’s essentials. Baby cots are one of them. Don’t you think, it is better to spend money on baby stuff rather than in any other?!…agreed? Hope, this post is helpful to you for making a smart purchase. Enjoy PARENTING!…


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