Almost every garden has its shady spots. Even the sunniest of gardens in the most ideal positions can still be prone to shade from other buildings, fences, and tall trees. While shade is not the ideal for most plants or shrubs, with a little know-how and creativity, the darker spots in your garden can flourish just as well as those touched by the sun.

Firstly, it’s important to know your garden and what surrounds it. Sketch your garden and discover which parts are shaded and which are not. Take note which areas of your garden are in direct sunlight, partial shade and those which are fully shaded. Discovering which areas are prone to shade before planting will allow you to foresee any complications.

Take risks and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Different plants react differently to different levels of light and shade. Keeping a record of where sunlight hits your garden throughout the year will be a key component to discovering the best plants for your garden.

Embrace the shade with luscious ferns. You may be imagining your perfect garden awash with different colors, but take advantage of the deep greens offered by ferns. Ferns thrive in both full and partial shade, which make them a viable alternative to colorful plants. Ferns have the unmatched ability of transforming any garden into a luscious jungle.

If you do find yourself wanting to inject some color into your shaded garden, consider introducing a Japanese maple. These maples are notoriously hardy and are capable of producing rich dark reds even in partial shade. While they are renowned for their hardiness when it comes to a lack of sunlight, they are hindered by strong gusts, preferring a more sheltered spot in the garden. Supporting the Japanese maple until it reaches maturity will be the key to its success.

If your garden faces north or east, or is on the smaller side, consider a climber. Climbers are a great way to take advantage of an otherwise unused space. As well as covering unsightly fences, climbers can add a pop of color to darker gardens.

Ivy is renowned for its hardiness and will transform any garden it is placed in. Preferring little to no sunlight, ivy is a robust plant that can withstand most conditions. Ivy may need more attention than other climbers due to its healthy growth. With regular maintenance ivy can transform the dullest of walls or fences into a lush oasis. Similar to ivy, the Virginia creeper can be used to not only hide unattractive walls, but accentuate doorways and windows. This variety of creeper comes in many colors and is renowned for its distinctive and attractive growth even in full or partial shade.

Whether you want to add color to your garden, or embrace the natural shaded areas, Garden Club London prides itself on its knowledge of plants. Whatever your garden’s needs, Garden Club London has the expertise and passion to help you embrace the darker areas of your garden.