Essentially, double glazed units are fitted in homes so as to decrease energy loss and to raise the insulation, both of which together reduce condensation. Two layers of glass are sealed to replace the standard single pane as provided by any manufacturer.

With the current house building methods, most window panes today are double glazed units, however, the misting up of these units results in the failure of the unit. You can easily find notice misted double glazed units when there is moisture in the unit.The moisture level might vary, but misty windows are a failure because eventually it leads to the substitution of these failed units with new ones.

Reasons for misted double glazed units

The reasons for such failure are many, in fact, you cannot define the lifetime of any double glazed unit. However, seven to eight years would be the average with some units lasting as long as 10-15 years and others less than 5 years. Few causes of misted double glazed units are:

  • Quality of seal – The quality of seal matters and thus, a poor quality of seal which result in the failure of your e double glazed unit.
  • Fitting –The most basic is the fitting errors. An ill-fitted unit is bound to get misty soon.
  • Sun – Usually, a misty double glazed unit will be the one which faces the sun.Usually, the area of the house facing the sun will get all misty and unfortunately, one cannot even do much about it other replacing the misted unit.
  • Rain – Another natural factor is the rain which causes moisture to occur in the units. However, one can try making sure that the rain water goes where it is supposed to and not into the window units.

Prevention for misted double glazed units

Most double glazed units now come with a drainage system. The drainage system in these is similar to guttering. It gets blocked with anything that comes from outside, rainwater or small amount of dirt will clog up the drainage system. However, to ensure one’s drainage system, it is better to keep getting it tested and serviced regularly.One can easily find any experienced glazier who can do this.

One should always be able to notice a misted double glazed unit so that it can be serviced as quickly as possible. The charges for the regular checkup of your units will be far less than the replacement of one.

Our recommendation would be that one always look for an experienced people to carry out these jobs.Not just the replacement, but right from the start when you get a double glazed unit installed at your place.Any experienced glazier will not only ensure that your unit doesn’t get misty but also will make you aware of any draining issue beforehand.

One can easily put off the failure of these misted double glazed units beforehand with preventive methods instead of going for the total replacement of an entire double glazed unit.


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