Protecting your possessions against fire, theft, loss and falling into the hands of young children are some of the reasons homeowners purchase a lockable storage box.  There are many types of storage boxes available made of different materials and in different materials, sizes, colors and shapes.  Unlike a plastic container, which is weather-proof and designed for indoor or outdoor use, a lockable metal storage box is primarily used for storing your important documents, jewelry, extra cash, firearms and your special keepsakes.

Designed for Security

Though not as versatile as plastic ones, metal boxes are specifically designed to store valuables and other items which need to be kept secure in your home or at your business.  They also have two characteristics not available in plastic containers.  First, they are fireproof.  This is vital when you are storing important paper documents and records like marriage licenses and birth certificates.  The best models even have extra fire protection in the form of double insulated walls.  Second, most metal boxes are manufactured with a built-in key or combination lock. Some even have two locks requiring two different keys for additional security.  Still other boxes have digital locks requiring a numeric code for opening them. Another benefit worth mentioning of purchasing a lockable metal storage box is the money you save over the cost of buying a safe.  Spending $10 to $20 instead of hundreds of dollars is money well spent.

Common Types of Lockable Metal Boxes

Manufacturers produce a variety of types of metal boxes in a range of sizes and shapes.  Some popular ones are:

  • Steel Lockable Storage Boxes: the strongest option with the

  most protection.  The best use extra durable heavy gauge


  • Security Boxes (aka Cash Boxes, Safe Boxes): most popular

  and used by homeowners for storing important documents,

  valuable jewelry and money.  Lightweight with a carry handle,

  it is easy to transport back and forth to work.   Some have a

  removable tray inside.

  • Gun Boxes: lined with a foam pad, these are made for

  storing handguns. Many of these are manufactured specifically

  to meet airline firearm transportation guidelines set by the

  TSA.  If you don’t have a gun safe, this is the best way to

  keep your firearm locked away at home.

  • Multi-Use Boxes: while not as sturdy as a gun or cash

  box,they provide storage although you may need to buy your

  own lock to make this storage box lockable.

  • Oversized Boxes: Long objects and valuables need a large

  lockable storage box.  Usually stackable for compact storage.

  • Medicine Storage Boxes: Medicine boxes that lock are ideal

  when you are travelling and great for keeping medicine away

  from young children.

Best Metal Storage Box Brands

Steel Master, Sentry Safe and First Alert are excellent manufacturers of cash boxes with maximum theft and fire protection. Gun Vault is highly recommended for gun boxes.  Stalwart makes reliable multi-use metal boxes while Vaultz features lockable medicine storage boxes.

For your complete guide to all types of boxes be sure to check out and visit: to find out all the top tips and advice on products to help you keep your home looking neat and organized!


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