Keeping a baby or small child safe in a home can be a full time job, especially when the child begins to walk or run. It is important that all hazards are resolved or off limits to children in order to prevent injury or discomfort. Hard floors, sharp corners on furniture, and open doorways or staircases could be potentially problematic.

Soft Carpets & Rugs

As babies learn to crawl and walk, they will lose their balance and fall many times. Hard wood, linoleum, and vinyl flooring is not going to cushion a fall very well. Rooms with soft carpets are the better option for small children. For homes that do not have carpeting, vintage area rugs are a stylish way to add a soft flooring where babies will be crawling, cruising, and walking.

Rounded Tables & Entertainment Centers

Hard wooden, metal, or plastic corners are quite dangerous with a small child. They can fall or run into the corners causing serious injuries. Rounded tables and rounded corners on entertainment centers can help to keep the child safe. If replacing the furniture is not an option, try opting for table and shelf bumpers. These items mount to tables to hide the edges and corners, making them safer while baby is still learning.

Baby Gates for All Doorways

Every doorway in the home could use a baby gate. This way, baby is left in one small, supervised area while parents are completing tasks. With multiple baby gates, the child is not able to freely roam the home if one gate fails or is left open. This is especially important in homes with stairs, which could be a safety hazard for children who do not know how to climb up or down the stairs safely.

With a few small adjustments, children and babies can be kept safe and comfortable during their adventures as they discover the wonders of their world. These curious, small children don’t quite understand safety and injuries just yet, so parents must offer a helping hand.