Rattan is quickly becoming one of the most sought after furniture material of all times. Rattan is widely being used to make furniture, sculptures, baskets, flower vessels and other decorative items. It has a classic style that enhances the beauty and style of your rooms. Apart from rattan being a favorite for outdoor patios, they are now being vastly used indoors; in bedrooms and living rooms.

To further understand why rattan furniture is taking the industry by storm, below are some of the advantages of investing in it as your furniture material of choice.


Rattan is one of the strongest furniture woods available in the market today. It has been known to grow to a dazzling height of one hundred feet.

Do not mistake its lightness in weight for weakness. Rattan, specifically from wicker paradise, is also known to have a strong core making it very durable and not prone to breakages.


One of the best attributes of rattan is that they are easily bendable without cracking or breaking. This allows them to be used to make furniture with a wide variety of shapes and designs. In order to be this pliable, they need to be steamed first.

The process of steaming involves applying some form of heat and moisture to the rattan. This is where carpenters will curve them into almost any shape available. The great amount of versatility will come from this attribute.

Once designed, shaped, and dry rattan firmly holds its new shape hassle-free.


Rattan being lightweight does not mean it is weak. Rattan can comfortably support the weight of people sitting on it.

This attribute also comes in handy during transportation. Rattan can easily be transported from one place to the other. This also applies to the home setting. Rearranging the setup or just moving it from the outdoors to the indoors comes with ease.


When you put the word porous and furniture in the same sentence, it is bound to cause an uproar. Porous furniture is widely known to get damaged when exposed to too much ultraviolet rays.  In this case, rattan being porous is not necessarily a bad thing. The porous surface makes it able to absorb paint and vanishes well.

However, utmost care should be taken when dealing with rattan on the outdoors. Make sure they are always sealed to avoid damages that come with wind and overexposure to the sun.


Designing large furniture pieces will not be difficult when using rattan. This is because rattan comes in a variety of sizes. Some are thin while others are thick. It all depends on what your preferences are.


Want comfy cushions and throw pillows for your seats? Try rattan. Rattan is cushion-friendly as it has the ability to lock cushions on to their seats to avoid falls. Rattan can also be used for dining seat cushions. For a classy sophisticated look, have cushions that are tied nicely around the dining chair frames.