If you feel your home is in need of a makeover, why not think in terms of less rather than more? Minimalist design has become more popular in recent years, and with great reason. As you’re exploring your window treatment options with Next Day Blinds, learn how stripping your home’s interior design down to the core can give you a surprising feeling of abundance.

Interior Design Can Impact Your Health In Surprising Ways

Depending on your mental disposition, the look and feel of your home can either uplift or drag your mood down. Cluttered rooms can easily make you feel anxious, dark rooms can trigger depression, a space that’s too small can make you feel claustrophobic and having too much light in a room can make you feel rushed. Rooms that only have a minimum of furniture and a minimalist design can free you up in more ways than one.

Dust and Allergens Quickly and Easily Gather on Your Decor

Take a look at your furniture and any knick-knacks you have scattered around your home. Chances are, you’ll notice a lot of dust, and there are probably allergens on those items and clutter that you can’t even see. By outfitting the rooms in your home only with what they need and nothing more, you don’t have to worry about wiping away as much dust. Additionally, those allergens won’t have as much to cling to, meaning they can’t irritate your allergies as much.

Design Symmetry Can Easily Lead to Mental Symmetry

Designing your home and furniture in a way that’s symmetrical can promote a mental atmosphere of calm, something that you may not realize until you switch to a minimalist interior design. This is because scientific evidence shows that our brains are wired to respond positively to something like matching your tables and lamps. Overdoing it and having a layout that’s cluttered can make you feel overwhelmed every time you walk in the door, which is just one reason it’s best that you work with professionals like those found at the Next Day Blinds store.

Mood and Color Go Hand in Hand

You likely have a specific color scheme in mind for each room in your home, but how do you feel about having neutral wall colors with an occasional splash of color to liven things up? Utilizing a minimum of color along with an abundance of natural light can help promote an open feel to your residence, which can do wonders for your mood.

If you would like to spark things up with color, try doing so sparingly at first to see how that works for you. For instance, you can add pops of vibrant color with sofa cushions, picture frames and vases for your mantle. That way, you aren’t bored by a room that’s essentially all the same color, nor are you overwhelmed by a space with loud colors scattered throughout and a lot of varying patterns assaulting the eyes.

You Have Only What You Need and Nothing More

Over the years, you may find that you’ve gathered more items and belongings than you actually need, ones that you told yourself you’d definitely use eventually. Looking back, you may feel that some of those purchases were a waste of money, or that you didn’t use them as much as you hoped you would when you first bought them.

The glory of a minimalist home decor is the fact that you focus on the essentials first, which allows you to concentrate on buying high-quality furniture and items for rooms like your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Even better is the fact that you aren’t spending money on items you’re never going to use.

Strip the look and feel of your home down to the bare bones the next time you’re ready for a new look. The minimalist approach is a great way to maximize your life.