A roofing company, also known simply as roofers, generally offer a variety of different services. The roof of your house requires regular maintenance, as it is the most exposed region of any building, and is constantly being bombarded by different atmospheric elements. Rainfall, snowfall, hail and the UV rays of the sun can all affect the integrity of the roof. If you do not get the roof repaired and get maintenance work done on a regular basis, it won’t take long for the roof to start leaking. Before you know it, patches will begin to crack and separate from the roof, as well. Here are some of the main reasons why you should hire a roofing company for maintenance and inspection at least once a year.

Highlighting Major Problems

Ayrshire roofers have lots of experience in dealing with different types of roofing structures. Whether you have an asphalt roof or a ceramic tiled roof, a timely inspection can help identify issues before they can become disastrous. An experienced roofer will be able to identify issues in their early stages and repair the problem before it can cause serious damage. For instance, the roofers will be able to identify points from where water might leak. An inspection doesn’t cost a lot, and can save you a large amount of money in repairs later on.

Roof Installations

Another reason why you would need to hire a roofing company is to install a new roof. Asphalt based roofs have a lifespan of around fifteen to twenty years, at most. After that, this type of roof needs to be reinstalled. The roofing company will give you an estimate for the total costs of demolishing and then reinstalling a new roof. Keep in mind that roof installations can take around ten days or less to complete.


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