In bygone days, what is known as balustrading was primarily made from the likes of wood and metal, whereas today glass balustrades have become exceedingly popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Take a wander around any office building or a shopping mall and you will realise just how much it is put to use.

  • When toughened safety glass arrived on the scene, safety and durability were no longer a major concern when using glass as a building material.

There are some great reasons why people have come to choose glass over more traditional types of balustrading materials. Let’s have a look why:

Let There Be Light!

Easily one of the biggest reasons why glass balustrading in Perth has become so popular, is due to them allowing so much natural light to flow around any building where they are fitted. This in itself plays a huge aesthetic role as natural light is indeed difficult to replicate and compete with.

The see-though safety glass also makes sure that you can enjoy the outside view also, especially if you have invested in some great landscaping or a beautiful room.

  • Natural light itself gives off the illusion of larger spaces and a cool sense of well-being.

Ecologically Sound

For those people out there who are earth friendly, glass is a superb sustainable option. It is recyclable and uses very little natural resources to make.

  • Also, this type of glass is not prone to things such as corrosion or other reactions which release noxious gasses into the air.

Matters of Safety

This type of toughened glass is indeed very durable, sturdy and strong and the balustrades meet every kind of safety regulations and standards and are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

  • These balustrades can match metallic and wooden balustrades in withstanding structural pressures and any other type of potential problems.

It would take an extremely severe condition to break tempered glass and even if this was the case, the glass does not shatter into small, sharp pieces, thus adding an additional layer of safety.

Maintenance is Simple

Glass is simple to keep clean which is a great benefit for busy buildings and households. And going a step further eco-friendly wise, glass can be cleaned with home-made detergent or other eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

  • They can also be polished to remove any scratches or other surface damage and restored to their former glory!

Versatile With a Capital V!

And finally, glass balustrades are really versatile and available in many designs, styles and options.

  • They can be put to good use also as pool fencing, on verandas, decks, balconies and staircases.
  • You have the choice of framed, textured, curved, fully-framed, semi-framed or frameless options.


One important note is making sure that your balustrade is professionally installed by specialists.

Even though a balustrade can be fitted with basic tools and some DIY skills, it is hard to guarantee perfect safety if doing the job alone.