How Adjustable Standing Desks Are Leading A Furniture Revolution

Back pain is an epidemic in America today. It tends to be worse in first-world countries, and the reason is that more people sit in developed nations than in undeveloped ones. While it’s rough to be on your feet all day, it’s unhealthy to rest on your posterior for the same amount of time. You become sedentary and lose muscular strength.

Lost muscle strength leads to reduced energy. Reduced energy leads to more sitting—it’s a downward spiral. The solution is to identify areas where you sit on a regular basis, and find a way to circumvent them. One way to do that in modernity is through use of adjustable standing desks, or what are commonly called sit-to-standup desks.

These innovations have had the technological basis for production many years, but only now has design been refined and marketed requisite to mass production and distribution. Some of these desk options can be used straight out of the box, and the reason is simple.

They operate on a kind of hydraulic system similar to that in adjustable chairs.

You’ve seen these in virtually any office. It’s a chair that has a lever under the seat which can be used to raise or lower the chair as the user needs. Adjustable standing desks use a similar kind of mechanism to quickly raise or lower a given desk as required.

This can make it so that the hours you spend at the computer editing music or film aren’t unhealthy for your body. Whether or not you’re typing, doing conventional categorization, or reading documents, you can turn unhealthy energy-sucking activity into strengthening exercise that actually ends up returning energy to you over time.