Bathroom signifies your class and personality and it is usually marked as a parameter of knowing about someone. The untidy and unhygienic bathroom can make your image down in front of everyone who visits and looks your bathroom. Usually, when some matrimonial alliance visits your home and looks your clean and hygienic bathroom, then they get inspired by you and take this as a good signal for marriage.

Today, everyone wants to lead a luxurious and relaxed life. So the bathroom remodelling is prefect choice, A small bathroom can make a big style statement. One’s cleanliness is always appreciated among others. A well-organized and decorated bathroom leaves an impact over others. How to decorate a bathroom? Decorating a bathroom is rather easy than decorated a huge and large room. But, before decoration, you should give a clean and hygienic look to your bathroom. There are many chemicals and soap solutions available on the market that is made only for bathroom. It is always good to use only those products for cleaning the bathroom that is designed especially for bathroom.

Cleaning requires a lot of effort but, once your bathroom is clean, you can continue with your decoration. The decoration is costly but simple. However, cost usually depends on person’s need and requirement. A person can decorate his bathroom with the help of small budget also and this requires only his smart thinking.

Those people who are good at art and craft can do bathroom remodelling by their own. As I told you, decoration just requires smart thinking and nothing else. However, if you are not able to find any smart idea, then don’t worry. This post will help you in remodeling your bathroom with the help of simple but smart tricks.

Here are 5 tips on how to decorate a bathroom?

  • Update timeworn fixtures with paint – Is your paint started coming out? It is the time to fix the problem by a new coat of paint. Mold-proof primers and paints gives new look to your bathroom. Bathroom is a small space and usually most of its portion is covered with tiles. However, some portion which is not covered by tiles need paint. Painting a bathroom doesn’t require huge budget. Therefore, in small budgets you can update your bathroom.
  • New hardware – There is a presence of a lot of hardware in your bathroom like- knobs, bars, handles and sink outlets etc. Usually, as the time passes by, this hardware become old and many a times get covered with rust. If your bathroom requires new hardware, then replace the old with the new one. New hardware is the necessity of remodeling and your bathroom will definitely look good after employing new hardware.
  • Floor tiles – Although changing floor tiles is an expensive deal. But, in order to remodel a bathroom, changing floor tiles makes a good idea. Choose a nice colored floor tiles for your bathroom. Usually, white colored tiles are not preferred for bathroom because it catches dirt easily and become slight pale in color gradually. In my opinion, brown colored tiles are the best for bathroom.
  • Change the lights – Today, you get various lighting options. False lights and LED lights form a great option for bathroom. Changing light is another important requirement of remodeling of your bathroom. When you change your lights, change switches also. Dim can lights are the best option for inserting lightning in the ceiling. To feel more tranquility, you can employ a small chandelier over the vanity which looks very stylish and classy.
  • Making use of decorative art and crafts – You can use either your own talent or can purchase few decorative art and crafts for your bathroom. For example, I found a wooden fish that I placed in my bathroom.