Your fireplace is one of the focal points of your home. When guests walk into the den, they will likely be drawn to the fireplace. That is by design; fireplaces are supposed to be the focal point of a living space because they are intended to be central in a room. Their central location allows them to spread as much heat as possible. When they were the only reliable source of heat for homes, that was an incredibly crucial point.

Since they quickly draw people’s focus to them, fireplaces can become an eyesore too. If your fireplace or stove has fallen into disrepair, or if it just doesn’t match the new direction in which you are taking your interior design, it can be distracting. Remodelling or replacing your fireplace can be absolutely transformative to the look of your home.

Fuel Source

First, you have to choose a fuel source for your fireplace or stove. The most common options are gas, electric, and wood. If you do not have a chimney or flue, then the decision has been made for you; you have to choose gas or electric. Obviously, you cannot burn wood or any other smoking fuel inside your home without an open chimney or flue. There are many fireplaces with stoves in Yorkshire that are great for use without a chimney. They are either gas or electric and burn cleanly. They also tend to make for the fastest removals. If you want to remove your old system and install a new one, a gas or electric that doesn’t need a chimney can be installed most quickly.

However, if you want to burn wood in your fireplace, you are going to need a more extensive replacement. If you already have a wood-burning fireplace or stove with an open chimney, then your job is not as complicated. Many chimneys have been bricked over as they have become a less efficient way of delivering heat. Woodburning stoves and fireplaces have different requirements to consider.

Woodburning Fireplaces

A fireplace that burns wood needs to have a properly-designed chimney. The shape of the fireplace needs to direct smoke upwards and out of the chimney. That is something that has to be orchestrated by the actual design of the chimney. That is why it is so important to buy a fireplace from a reputable company that designs great fireplaces. If you purchase a low-quality fireplace, you could end up with smoke in your house and inefficient heating. Furthermore, the design of your fireplace is also aesthetically important.

As stated, the fireplace is a focal point in every room that has one. They draw your eye immediately, and on cold days, they draw you over in person because of their warmth. Therefore, it is important that you choose a fireplace that is well-designed. You should choose from a company that has many different designs to match many different decors.

A wide range of options gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect fireplace because you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics or function. If you need a wood-burning stove in a specific design, you will be able to find it because you have many options available to you. Aesthetics and function can indeed work hand-in-hand.