Removing the mold on your roof is very important to help prevent many different serious health questions. It also makes your roof and home look better. There are several ways in which you can do roof cleaning to remove roof mold but best way is to use either copper sulfate solutions or chlorine bleach solutions.

Chlorine bleach solutions

With these solutions you start by making a mixture of three parts water to one part bleach. Once mixed put it in a sprayer that is like one that you would use to spray starch on clothes. Roof cleaning using this solution can take time to make sure your roof is complete saturated, which is essential to getting the roof clean. Once you have saturated your roof allow it to stay on your roof ten to twenty minutes. Using your hose rinse the roof. After rinsing the solution off check the roof carefully to see if there is any mold remaining and if there is you will need to apply the solution again. You will need to make sure that the roof is rinsed between each chlorine bleach application.

Copper sulfate solutions

With these solutions you need twelve ounces of the copper sulfate mixed into a gallon of water. Use the same type of hand sprayer that you would use with the chlorine bleach solutions doing it the same way. With the copper sulfate solutions there is no set time limit as to when to rinse the roof. You need to watch the roof closely and when the mold has turned brown you will need to first use a broom that has bristles that are sturdy and short to sweep the mold off the roof. After you have swept off the roof, if any mold remains, roof wash it off with the hose.

Preventing roof mold

The best way to avoid roof mold is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. To help prevent roof mold clean roof of any branches of trees that hang over your roof so the sun can shine on your roof. The reason it is important to have sun shining on your clean roof is that mold and mildew thrive in damp, cool environments. Eliminating this type of environment will help to prevent roof mold. You can also consider apply under a row of shingles zinc strips near the middle of your roof. A chemical reaction will occur when the rain contacts the zinc strips that inhibits roof mold from growing. You can also apply a commercial mold-prevention spray to your clean roof to help prevent mold from growing. Although these will help prevent roof mold you should still check your roof periodically for the formation of mold.


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