Are you someone who is building a new house or planning to renovate your already existing home? If answered yes, you must be interested in choosing some of the most cost-effective elements which doesn’t tend to surpass your budget. One of the most forgotten parts of your house is the doors. While they stand strong to protect your house from intruders and retain your privacy, do you give your doors the utmost importance and attention that they deserve? You may had chosen the best doors at an economical price but after few years, if you review their appearance and state, you will probably decide to renovate them considering the way they have worn out. But hey, before you think of either keeping them or replacing them, the foremost thing to do is to evaluate whether they can be easily restored.

As time passes by, the doors of our house are exposed to all the natural elements and this makes them lose the varnish and coating which they usually possess in the beginning. Once you assess the condition of the door, you can choose to decide about restoring it or replacing it. Here are few expert tips on renovating the doors without busting your budget.

#1: Choose to restore them

In case the doors of your house are in a condition where they can be restored, you can sand the door with sandpaper so that you can open the pores of the wood. Make sure you smoothen the surface, fill up the holes with a putty so as to make the surface clean. In case you choose to paint the door, make sure you apply 2-3 layers of paint. Post priming, sand for another time with the help of sandpaper for a smoother finish and you can coat the finishing of the choice.

#2: Painting can renovate the look

If you think that your doors are not in perfect conditions, but you’re pretty bored of them, don’t worry as it is possible to give them a new look. One of the easiest options is to paint them, whether by hiring a professional or by doing it yourself. You can do this without even dismantling the door. This takes away all the stress and helps you extend for more days. You can dismantle the door if you want to as this is a rather comfortable option for working.

#3: Alter the accessories of the door

In case you are of the opinion that the door is in perfect condition but it just needs to change its personality, you can alter the accessories. You can install new handles if the door is an old-fashioned one and you can get the best handles from an antique store. If they are bifold doors, you can change them too. You can add a knocker, change the hinges or even make a peephole to alter the appearance.

Therefore, in case you’re eager to get the best possible renovation of your doors, both indoor and outdoor, you can follow the above mentioned tips shared by some of the expert interior decorators. Utilize them in order to create a new look to your home.