Very few of us will go through life without needing to rent a skip at some point or other. Whether we are renovating or extending the house, landscaping the garden, getting a new kitchen or bathroom or simply deciding it is time for a serious spring clean to get rid of tons of junk, we are going to generate fair quantities of waste. Given the local council is not likely to take it all away for us, renting a skip is normally the best solution. It is not quite as simple as throwing everything in and watching it disappear though, as most skip companies these days are serious about recycling, so will require an accurate list of the skips contents.

Selecting the correct sized Skip

Skips are available in a range of sizes, from small 2 cubic yard mini skips to the large variety that can take around 12 to 14 cubic yards. Obviously we want to try to get the right size, to enable us to load it up with all of our waste in one go, though it is extremely easy to underestimate just how much our project is likely to generate. Given that from a safety perspective, skip companies will generally refuse to remove ones that are overloaded, it is a good idea to discuss what you are doing with the skip hire company, who have lots of experience and can recommend the size most likely to be suitable for your requirements. Access issues can mean you need to take smaller skips, to avoid blocking the traffic in your street, especially for emergency vehicles.

Obtaining Permits and setting the Schedule              

If you are going to be parking your skip on a public street, whether it is a skip bin hire in Malvern, or Manchester, you are going to need a permit. Ask your skip provider if they will either obtain it for you, or provide you with assistance in doing so. It is a good idea to hire from a good sized company that offers a wide range of skip sizes and a decent fleet of delivery and pick up vehicles. A delay in getting a full skip taken away, can not only leave your driveway, or the road outside, looking ugly, it can also cause significant delays to the project you are working on.

Respecting the Environment

Today, professional skip hire companies no longer cart off all your waste to a landfill, as they may have done many years ago. Landfills are not good for the environment, as they can contaminate the waterways and also pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases. Ask your potential skip hire company about their recycling efforts. This may well prove extra beneficial for you, as good waste management companies not only recycle 90% or more of what they take away, they may well be able to provide you with recycled materials for your building project, that can not only prove very economical, but which is good for the environment too.

An Internet search will find you many skip rental firms. Selecting the one that works professionally and helps you every step of the way, is likely to be the smartest move.