Think about new designs for your home or communal space can be fun but exhausting. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find just the one that says what you want without coming off too pretentious. Many designers and decor experts are looking at a return to basic and nature this season with rustic design elements.

What is Rustic Design Exactly?

Much as you would expect, rustic design elements incorporate natural elements, primarily wood, into your modern setting or space. There are a lot of companies that are creating gorgeous natural wood decor items with a more inviting style. Commonly referred to as light rustic, companies like Rustic Heritage Furniture are carving out a space for themselves in this increasingly modern design-happy society.

Tips to Choosing Rustic Furniture for Your Home

The thing most people strive for with rustic furniture is to combine the natural beauty of organic pieces such as wood with the sophistication we expect in today’s interior designs.

  • Wood is often times the most used as it can be easily repurposed and designed to fit a multitude of needs.
  • Color palettes tend to stay toward natural colors, and many times, there isn’t a lot of painting to the pieces to show off the natural beauty.
  • Show off the wonder of nature by inclduing furniture that has knots and natural grains. This is exactly why you are looking into rustic furniture in the first place.
  • Generally speaking, rustic furniture pieces are large and look as if they fit inside a log cabin or a wooden retreat. Plan accordingly depending on your space.

Other Rustic Design Tips

More than just furniture, there are other areas of your home that can be made more rustic in appearance. Turning your fireplace into a rustic-styled hearth by adding textured wood mantel or stonework around the fireplace makes your gathering area more inviting. Using brass and soft lighting options can help add to the ambiance when the hearth is not lit.