When it comes to the design and layout of the garden, it’s always a great idea to design a garden that works well for you. With summer finally upon us, there’s never been a better time to get out into the garden and create a space that will be practical, functional and stylish. The beautiful thing about garden design, is that you can never be too extravagant or out there, it’s all about colour and activity to create a beautiful outdoor space. Making specific changes to your garden can also increase the value of your home, as you’re designing a desirable space that will stand out and look very aesthetically pleasing. Here’s a few ways in which you can revive your garden, whilst potentially adding value too.

Deep Clean

The term ‘Deep Clean’, to many, is more of a term used for the thorough cleaning of your homes interiors. You can however deep clean your garden, giving it a very good clean up and tidy. The best place to start when cleaning the garden is to cut the lawn, trim the hedges and do some weeding. By doing these tasks you will instantly notice your garden becoming neat and tidy, whilst gaining a more defined shape and style. Next focus on removing any unwanted bundles of leaves or mud, as these can gather over the months and make your garden seem dull and dirty. Finally, thoroughly cleaning any outdoor features such as outdoor seating, furniture, bird tables and so on, as this will add to the overall look and create a fresh, clean look for your garden.

An Alternative to Grass

Grass is a great feature to have in any garden, giving you a soft surface to sunbathe, play some football or even bring out the swimming pool, however with the unpredictable weather and large amounts of rain that can often fall over the summer, it’s always good to have a space in your garden dedicated socialising, somewhere you can use when the weathers nice, but the grass may be wet. Two very popular features are Decking and a Patio space. Decking is ideal for adding character to your garden, as well as an attractive space to position your seating, barbeque and so on. Paving is also really popular, adding a low-maintenance feature to your garden that is still going to add a good touch. Decking can often be seen as high-maintenance, however, you only really need to properly clean your decking twice a year, ensuring it is clean from those winter months.

Added Privacy

Privacy is a huge part in any home, having your own private space is really important for both safety and security. One very effective way of adding privacy to your home is through fencing. Fencing is a feature that can be very cost-effective, and the privacy it will add to your home will have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Whether you use fencing to shield your garden area, or you use it to add a secure touch to your property, it’s a great way of also adding character, drawing your garden together and creating a great overall look.

Light up Your Outdoors

Dependant on how you wish to design your garden, lighting is a great feature to include. By incorporating lighting into your outdoor spaces you are able to create a beautiful, enchanting look that will highlight your home and enable it to stand out. Lighting can also be used for a security element, as soft lighting positioned neatly throughout your garden will enable you to see your garden clearly, with no dark spaces. There are so many different types of garden lighting, from extravagant lamps and hanging shades, to simple yet effective lanterns and fairy lights. The introduction of lighting will really emphasise your homes overall look and create a very elegant appearance.


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