If we stepped into a time machine and travelled back to the Babylonian kingdom circa 650 BCE, we’d be able to see the first-ever widespread roadway networks made from asphalt.

Therefore, ancient Mesopotamian settlers fundamentally transformed how we commute from place to place, and it didn’t take long for their innovative civil engineering techniques and paving methods to spread throughout Asia, Europe, and, ultimately, the rest of the world.

Paving in the UK

The United Kingdom currently features nearly 30,000 miles of radial roads, 2,500 miles of motorways, and 220,000 miles of paved streets, but let’s take a look at the world of paving behind the scenes:

  • The UK government spends upwards of £11 billion per annum on roadway upkeep, maintenance, and the installation of new paved systems, but the most notable growth in the paving arena comes from residential and commercial augmentations.
  • The demand for private paving upgrades is propelled by the unprecedented selection of unique surfacing solutions at our behest.
  • The primary forms of paving at your disposal include block paving, manmade slabs, natural paving products, and refined aggregates.
  • Each one of these paving categories are comprised of a multitude of distinctive options that feature inimitable textures, shapes, colours, design means, drainage grades, and other innate qualities.

If you’d like to revitalise the look and form of your property, you should know that great value paving supplies in Bexley are more attainable and valuable than ever before.

Discovering Your Options

From bracklin surfaces and kingspave cobble to granite iterations, premier riven slabs, decorative corn flint, Indian sandstone, artisan mirage façades, and numerous other matchless paving alternatives, you have a wealth of surfacing solutions at hand, so be sure to examine the product catalogue of your local trader today.