Why do people opt for flooring companies rather to restore their floors rather than do it themselves? For most people, it boils down to a combination of lack of time and expertise. As the customer, you may not feel that you can commit enough time to carry out the project successfully. You may also feel that you lack the necessary skills to do a good job. The following are a few tips on how to select the right sanding company for all of your floor restoration needs.

    1. Go through the company’s website – A credible company’s website will have information regarding the sanding services it offers, where it is located, its history, customer reviews, as well as a number of different ways to contact the company. In most company websites, you will also see the biographies of the different sanders who work at the company.
    2. Investigate the type of sanding machines the company uses – Determine if the company uses machines from reputable brands. In addition, research on whether these machines have the latest sanding technologies. Well-known brands that sell the most innovative sanding machines include Osmo, Junckers, and Bona. Furthermore, investigate what other type of products the company uses during floor restorations. Other products may include floor sealants, and sanding paper.
    3. Investigate the types of techniques they use in sanding – You can achieve this by calling the company directly and enquiring about the techniques they use. Ask the responder about the different types of wood and the treatment they recommend for each. The way the responder answers your queries will help you determine if the contractor is knowledgeable in the field of sanding.
    4. Go through company testimonials – These are usually found on the company’s website. Review what other customers are saying about the company’s service delivery, in order to have a clearer understanding of the company’s track record. From these testimonials, you will be able to develop some expectations as to the quality of the services rendered by the company. If you are keen on a particular sanding company, then ask one of its employees to provide you with some client feedback and comments before agreeing to hire the company.
    5. Analyze the company’s quote – It is important to ask more than one company to quote their prices. Look through each quote and analyze how detailed these quotes are. The more detailed a quote is the more reliable a company will be. The details you should be looking out for include the total cost of the project, the materials that will be used during the course of the project, the prices of said materials, and the after-sales services included in the package. A company that provides all these details and more can be deemed trustworthy and transparent.


  • Critically examine how they relate with potential customers – See if there are any customer complaints or queries that have been left unanswered on the company’s website. In addition, you can search the internet for any clues on customers who are unsatisfied about the company’s customer service department. Furthermore, give the company a call and observe how patiently its employees answer all your queries.




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