As any reputable real estate agent or home improvement consultant will tell you, the most valuable refurbishments and renovations are those that are able to add value to your home while simultaneously enhancing its efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

In this regard, let’s take a look at whether woodburning stoves in Hampshire can adhere to these integral stipulations.

Return on Investment

If you partner with a reputable local specialist and contract the installation of a new wood stove or pellet stove system, it won’t take long for you to start enjoying some remunerative advantages:

  • In a typical domestic property, which generally ranges from 2,300-2,700 square-feet, you’ll be able install a custom woodburning stove for less than 3% of your home’s appraisal value.
  • Irrespective of how you source your wood or pellets, a contemporary woodburning stove will allow you to save more than £1,600 per year on utility bills, propane, gas, or oil (depending on the nature of your existing heating implement).
  • As such, a woodburning stove can essentially pay for itself in less than four years.

Eco-Friendly Energy Independence

When installed properly, these modernised implements can also serve as an environmentally conscious way to get off the grid, so to speak:

  • Wood is a sustainable, plentiful energy source.
  • Wood does not leave a carbon footprint.
  • Pellet-powered stoves do create carbon emissions, but the amount of CO2 released by pellets is equal to the amount of CO2 processed by trees during their natural growth cycle.
  • Both stove iterations provide an energy efficient cooking mechanism.
  • Your woodburning stove will be able to function year-round, even in the midst of blackouts, power shutdowns, and debilitating storms.

If you’re ready to determine the feasibility of a wood stove project in a safe and expeditious manner, be sure to partner with a reputable HETAS-approved firm in your vicinity – in as little as one appointment, you’ll be able to obtain a personalised quote that accounts for all of the distinctive nuances within your property.