Damaged drains in the home or stains appearing on and around the foundation is an indication that you need sewer line repair done quickly. These can result into spending much money if something is not done as fast as possible. Surprisingly, it has the capacity to disrupt the activities and functions of the home. So whether or not your home has an existing septic system, it is wise to contact a professional plumber who can provide long lasting sewer line repair service. Though there are lots of plumbing companies out there, The Pipe Doctor is your one-stop professional with the necessary expertise to handle plumbing issues of all kinds. Reporting signs of trouble to a reliable plumber can help to not only minimize cost but also prevent the issue from escalating.

Now you may be wondering, what are the major causes of sewer line damage? There are many causes of sewer line damage including sewer line blockage. Believe it or not, one of the things that come to mind of most homeowners is to pour a lot of harsh chemicals into the lines. Perhaps, they think doing that will remove the clog permanently. This is however not the case. Little did they know that these chemicals are only temporary solutions and in worst cases they could be causing more damage? More importantly, older building with pipes made of clay or porous materials can get deteriorated easily by the chemicals. This will in turn cause the pipe to breakdown.

Also tree roots moves to reliable source of water. In cases where yourhome’s foundation is closely located to where trees are planted, there are chances that they will get attracted to the sources of water coming from the sewer pipe. The roots find their way into the pipes and what happens next? The roots block the pipe. If this is the case, the only solution is removing the old pipe and replacing it with a new one.

Furthermore, the cause of sewer line problems may be that the grounds has re-adjusted the pipes setting which in turn bends them at an angle that prevents proper flow. In the end, the pipe get blocked which eventually leads to water leaking out into the foundation.

The first thing a wise homeowner is expected to do when faced with sewer line problem is not to seek the services of a drain cleaner, but instead contact a professional plumbing company to have a look at it. They will come and inspect the pipes. Once done, these experts will give you a recommendation on what should be done, be it repair and cleaning service or outright replacement. A professional plumber can, in no time at all, determine where the problem lies and take drastic measure to fixing it. Most sewer line repair services are usually done within the same day. Good thing is sewer pipes come with clean out plugs, which makes checking of clogs easier without having to dig up the ground around the home.