The outdoor gardens are usually much larger than a small indoor garden, so in any cases it is not easy to make new landscape or to keep the old one in its perfect glory. However, check out these ideas for your next garden landscaping exercises.

1 – Combine walkways with beds of flowers. The flowers can be sawed along the edges of all the small walkways in your garden in such a way, that to form a completely new outlook of the garden. The walkways often are the places, from where you can better see all that is located in the garden and beyond. That`s why you want beautifully shaped and cozy textures along the sides of the walkways. Not to mention that the best combinations are when the walkways cut through tall trees and shaded areas, decorative ponds or just lead to the veggie area. A great hint is to plant numerous flowers from the same type in different areas, so to take advantage of their common colors to form something like beds of flowers.

2 – Plan a bench, a love chair, a relaxing chair for observation or just a hammock as your next gardening project. The furniture in the garden is one of the main sights that one enjoys when just walking through the garden. On the other hand, a beautiful hand-made furniture is always the best object that can give personal touches to the overall landscape. Play with the materials, such as iron benches or wooden benches with textile pillows. The different textures makes these DIY furnishings perfect for different spots throughout the garden. For example, a wooden bench is perfect for the relaxing area near a wooden fence. An iron bench can make a truly amazing contrast to the concrete surfaces near the pool area or the patio.

3 – One of the simplest ways to give a more natural charm to the outdoor garden is to put stones everywhere. The irregular shapes and the stone textures of these huge natural objects complement the entire feel of the nature in your garden. Put stones everywhere – near the walkways, between the flowers, in a decorative pool or make a fountain-like structure by using huge natural stones.

4 – Make a bird house as another awesome DIY gardening project. Yet contact the gardening professionals in your region to assess the location and the trees to help you choose the best type and size of the bird house. The gardeners can also help you with a variety of other issues such as how to feed the birds, how to attract more birds, in which time of the year, what is the best height for hanging the bird house, etc.

5 – When sawing new edibles for the new season – keep the rule of sawing the low-growing plants in front and the high crops behind. This will give a maximum exposure of all the tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, onions, radishes and other herbs, at once. Not to mention that it is easier for harvesting and garden maintenance. Some high-growing plants will make natural shades for the surrounding plants that grow near the ground. Overall, there are plenty of benefits when you follow this “golden rule”.

6 – Organize a small area for a green house. It can easily become one of the largest and most visible objects within the entire landscape, so choose the right materials and colors for the greenhouse. Then, take full advantage of all the benefits that a greenhouse offers, such as a year-round harvest, making a garden in the garden, and more.


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