Do you have a bathroom that is not so large that it is both optimized, practical and aesthetically pleasing? What a puzzle … Well, not necessarily! Fall under the spell of this shower room which ignores the constraints – lack of space and atypical layout – the editorial decrypts, in 6 key points, its assets to copy.

Do you have any inspiration when thinking about your future shower room or need some ideas to remake an old piece of water? You’re in luck! Imagined by Honey Doers, this atmosphere has everything to please: underfloor development, glass workshop, tile imitation cement tiles, and shower in Italian stripped naked, space saving furniture and even indoor plants do you want here! Immersion in the heart of a green atmosphere conducive to well-being and swollen with ideas!

1. Invite the bathroom under the eaves!

The area was suitable for conversion with or without works, the attic of a house or a building, only to be transformed. If it is usually a room or office, there are other possibilities. The proof with this shower room, adjoining the room. Although attic, space still offers a beautiful height under ceiling. Enough to allow the older ones to wash and prepare quietly.

2. Partitions the room of water, but not too much, with the help of a glass workshop so retro!

Ideally located between the entrance of the attic and the bedroom, this bathroom is separated from these two rooms by a studio glass frankly stylish. Lying on all the height, it marries the curves of this space a bicorn stand to better let filter the light coming from the roof. As a bonus, it brings a touch retro Indus, a graphic strand, very chic.

3. Choose a colorful tile such as black and white cement tiles

On the floor, a black and white porcelain stoneware tile plays the trend cement tiles, robustness more! With its geometric patterns, it seems to enlarge the piece, as if it stretched it along the length. An optical illusion to reproduce in small atypical spaces, like this one.

4. Strip the Italian shower…

Forget the glass walls or the curtain of a shower, more classic, the shower with the Italian naked to be better forgotten. Here, it is a simple chromed brass shower column that has been embedded in the wall and, on the floor, the syphon hid in the two-tone floor tiles. Although one likes the minimalist aesthetic of this dream shower, here is an idea to prick that has its limits, especially if you are the type to put water everywhere…

5. Focus on space-saving furniture

When one has an Iquique surface, it is often complicated to furnish it. But it was without counting the imagination and the trick of the brands who now offer bathroom furniture to the dimensions canon. A Nice example in this atmosphere: with its wasp size, this vanity cabinet slipped into a nook and is made ultra-functional.

6. Introducing nature between cacti and succulents…

Uncontested and certain tendency in our interiors, the plants have the wind in their sails. Whatever the style, they are suspended in every room of the house, and the bathroom does not escape. A tip to remember: opt preferably for cacti or succulents, indoor plants easy to maintain and moisture-proof. Ideal in a pond!