A sleeper sofa or sofa cum bed is a new innovation of the furnishings these days and people all across the world prefer to have one in their kitty. People tend to invest their hard earned money on the same because of its multiple uses. It can be used as a bed or a sofa at the same time, making use of less space and more comfortable in all sense. It is in fact the new way of bedding or good for the kids in a family or occasional guests if any.

Sleeper sofas can be simply understood as folding beds with a class of their own rather than the old cots which were called the folding in their own times. It is in fact a hidden bed which can be opened as and when needed and thus avoids spoiling the overall look of the place being talked about. It is more comfortable and preferred by the people all over the world and has been called by different names. Earlier people used to have folding beds which would turn into a cupboard on the wall. But with the passing time, came the idea for such sleeping sofas, which are in great demand and the ideal choice of many for the reasons of their very own.

These sofa convertible beds are smaller in size as compared to the normal bedding and are good for occasional use within the family. They are more apt for the living rooms or housing a guest for temporary duration or the best use of them is in the kid’s room wherein both the sofa as well as the bed can be fully utilized and made use of.

They come in different varieties, colors, types of cushions and various materials suitable for the functioning of the same including the durability. They can be used on a daily basis like a regular bed as it comes in various sizes and designs to accomplish the needs of one and all. Moreover they are considered quite stylish and graceful in the present times and their use and utility have seen a drastic change without any second thoughts.

Depending on the frame and the cushions being used, these sleeper sofas can be put in the room and serve a small kind of modern apartment requirements. They are both suitable for living rooms as well as bed rooms too depending on the material being used and the lasting capacity of the same. One can find them in most of the homes because of their stylish nature, comfort and functioning of the same. They have nothing to do with the wooden material and hence are easy to handle and light in weight as compared to the regular beds.

Some of these sofasthat are available in the market can be named as below:

  • Cassius Q Deluxe Sofa, Chrome
  • Cassius Q Deluxe Sofa, Oak
  • Cassius S.E.L Sofa Bed
  • Clubber Sofa Chrome
  • Mobital Convert Sofa Bed and much more.

To conclude, one can very well say that these sleeper sofas are the need of the hour and must be made use of to the maximum possible extent.