The bathtubs or referred more to as baths now, have undergone technological advancements over the past years and have been developed to cater to the modern homes. Whether be it the squeezing of the size of the bathrooms or a very limited space to attach a bath there, it has all been kept well in mind and more and more modern baths of such types are available now. One such very flexible sort is the small freestanding bath. This is one sanitary ware item that has been produced with a very logical base. It has four sided solid panel attached and within the space of these four panels get fitted to the stand alone bath, just like as if in a molds or a template!

Small Freestanding Bath: All About Them

As the urban life has spread and is likely to spread even more in the coming times, the space is ,and will be, a binder. One feels the restriction of it even now, even in the washrooms. The very concept of coming up with something as a bathtub was to enable the user to take bath not merely as a ‘must do’ activity for a day, but to enhance the quality of this bath time with much more. These small freestanding baths take care of both the space restrictions in a present day flat-like abode as well ensure the luxury and relaxed feel- be it to end the day or to enjoy a lazy, lolling soak and turn activity on a holiday. As the term itself explains, these bath are not the ’affixed’ types but can be attached anywhere in the space given as per one’s convenience. This is the most scoring point of these baths, as they are practically the movable kinds and do not take much space in the bathroom.

These are very exquisitely designed and have plenty of features like a hot shower attached, for a more ‘subtle feel’ of the sprinklers on one’s body to feel the enliven feel in every cell of the body! These baths are available in a number of materials: be it acrylic, light sized stones. Graphite etc. A stand alone bath can make a whole lot of difference. Also, they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes making for quite a pick to choose from as per one’s fancy and convenience. They can be the traditional normal rectangular shaped ones, or the more elegant and stylish Oval shaped, one needs to just set one’s eyes on the most attractive one! In terms of colors, the choices are mostly restricted to black and white, and even a combo of black-and-white. Say, the main body of the bath can be black and the base of it could be white to give and feel it a more decorative look, and even feel so while soaking in it!

Small Freestanding Baths are the call of the luxury bathers of the current times in all its aspects: be it variety, size, color, make, or convenience.  When so much is all on the panels, why devoid oneself of the immense pleasures of a ‘luxury and relaxing’ bathing session!


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