Buildings roofing over the years have come in two major types of flat or low-sloped roofing. Flat roofs which are the least common have had its fair share of being bad mouthed in recent years, because of its supposed hassles and maintenance issues. But what can you do to identify and possibly solve problems that may arise on your flat roof?

Detecting Flat Roof Problems

Water spots, are an obvious signs of roof damage of all sizes and shapes, there are still a lot more underlying roofing problems that you hardly take note of. Now that’s where King Koating come in, helping you make sense of signs that shows your roof of any kind is underperforming.

Water Leaks are a major culprit of damaged roofing is one difficult task in locating its source on flat roofs and many people hardly ever find them except with the help of a trained personnel. Regular roof inspections by trained roofing contractor is an indication that you are one step closer to solving your leakage problem for good. Water leakage leave stains on the roof covering. Not to mention the plant growths which attracts germs and infection? Common causes of leaks are poor roofing drainages, the cracks in roof coverings and even the joints in chimneys and ventilation points.

Next stop?

After a roof survey to a damaged roof, a roofing contractor may decide if patch repair is needed or rather choose a full re-cover. Patch repairs are the perfect option for resolving leaks and damaged or worn flat roof coverings, and can be completed relatively quickly and cheaply. If the extent of the damage goes a little deeper, i.e. below the covering and into the subsequent layers of your roof before damaging the boarding of your ceiling, a full refurbishment may be necessary.

When there is a news for re-covering of a Flat roof there will be a need of stripping of your roof deck and waterproof membrane. The roof is then re-covered with either a felt or metal sheet covering, which can last in excess of 15 years with the correct roofing maintenance.

Whether you’re opting for a patch repair or a full flat or low-sloped roof re-cover, the need to spot signs of damage early and taking quick action ensures that you maintain a flat roof that gives you the coverage you need!

The internet is a good way to find a qualified roof contractor. Other ideas are to discuss your need for this special contractor with friends or others that you are in contact with to help you find a contractor. It is often considered finding the contractor through the internet will be a great way to save time and funds.


A good roof is nothing without a good contractor. Because making the correct fittings are vital and essential. But remember to be sure your contactor is qualified, he/she needs to have proven quality work, requirement of the job understanding, time limit agreement, local construction agency approved and is able to provide proper solutions to issues with the roof.




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