When it comes to keeping your home in spic and span shape, there’s so much to learn. Many parts of the home that we don’t even consider when house cleaning in St. Louis, MO tend to go neglected. Over time, these hidden disaster zones can begin to make a mess of our homes. If you want to know where to look before hiring any maid service in St. Louis, MO, then check the following locations.

Sinks – The first place that we tend to miss is the importance of cleaning sinks. When it comes to any kind of house cleaning in St. Louis, MO, make sure you take into the importance of cleaning up sinks. Sinks can carry even more muck, grime, and mess than even the toilet so make sure that you give your sinks plenty of time, care, and patience while cleaning.

Bath and Shower – The next two places are the same locations we use to wash ourselves down within. They tend to become quite dirty over time and should be cleaned after every use. A quick clean down, getting rid of moisture and wetness, can save any damp or similar forming. The more time that you do this, the quicker you will clean up your bathroom. If you cannot find that lingering smell in the room, check the very places we use to get smells off of ourselves – you’d be surprised how much cleaning they need!

Media Points – Keyboards, tracking devices and the like tend to become infested with a mess. When dealing with and kind of house cleaning, take the time to look at media points. Turn that keyboard upside down, get the gunge and muck building up on your mouse, and wipe down both orifices with alcohol wipe to get rid of that horrible feeling that has overtaken your keyboard or mouse. If you feel shivers going down the spine when you touch a keyboard or mouse because you know how dirty it is, clean them down!

Cleaning Products – Toothbrushes and the like tend to become major points of festering bacteria and dirt. Make sure that you take the time to get an individual place for each toothbrush. Toothbrushes used by family members, kept together are massively un-hygienic. Make sure you keep them in a cupboard or cabinet, too, rather than leaving them out. Leaving out toothbrushes tends to offer a higher chance of airborne bacteria and toilet matter that’s sprung out when flushing (always flush with the lid down to avoid this).

Remotes – A strangely unique place for dirt and grime to build up, TV remotes can be a major place of bacterial development. Everyone touches it and it usually spends half its time falling on the floor. Is it any surprise that your remote might need a bit of a wiping down? Keep it germ-free using a bleached water paper tower or a bleach wipe for cleanliness.

Can’t handle these issues? Then hire a respectable maid service in St. Louis, MO today!