There are many different kinds of materials that can be used for driveways. One of the most common types of driveway is a cement driveway. Concrete is often used as well. Both of these materials makes for a decent driveway, but resin is one of the best materials available. A resin driveway is very versatile and very durable. Resin is useful because it is permeable, which means that air and water can pass through it, which will allow the driveway to dry much faster when it rains. A faster drying time means that it will provide better traction.

Tar and Chip

A resin driveway is similar in concept and execution to a tar and chip driveway. It is made from an aggregate of stones that are embedded in a polyurethane resin. The different is that the resin is polyurethane and not a bitumen-based product. The polyurethane will be very durable and naturally resistant to damage. Polyurethane does not readily react to chemical damage. Also, resin driveways can be made using many different design shapes. An expert in paving and driveways in Cannock will be able to make a resin driveway in many different styles.

Different Appearances

Resin is so adaptable because it is made from an aggregate of stones, which means you can have a driveway that is any colour as long as you have the stones. Furthermore, you can have different designs or types of stones to create different looks in your driveway. Many people choose to mark parking spaces by changing the colours of the stones in their resin driveways. Another option is to actually have resin of a different colour. The resin can be coloured while it’s still liquid, which is a great way to create a unique driveway.

If you are thinking of a resin driveway, you should hire a professional who specialises in making different kinds of driveways.