The traditional way of filling a bath entails the use of two taps. Each tap is linked to the hot water supply and cold water supply, respectively. However, if you use a mixer tap, you can still draw from cold and hot sources. Both these sources are combined into one flow and therefore emerge from one spout.

Making a Selection

Many people prefer the streamlined and sleek look of a mixer tap when comparing it to separate cold and hot taps. In fact, you can choose from a broad range of mixer tap styles. Some display contemporary and sharp lines whilst others feature a curved and classic arch design. The handles may vary from rotating handles to a lever that can be lifted up or down to control water flow. You can also mount these kinds of taps on the wall.

Mixing up the Styles

According to plumbers in Eastbourne, mixer taps work just as well on a bathroom sink or a bath. You can even mix and match your taps if you so choose. For instance, you can use a mixer tap on the bath and add separate cold and hot taps on your sink. You can add a shower mixer, if you so desire, as well. This type of accessory permits you to switch between flow from your taps and the shower attachment.

Controlling the Hot Water Temperature

With two separate taps, you are restricted to two streams of water: hot and cold. Therefore, control over your hot water temperature is limited to the setting for the heat. However, with a mixer tap you can establish the temperature as the water flows from the taps. This amenity makes it much easier to accurately control your water temperature when you are washing, shaving, or running a bath.

A More Convenient Tap

This type of added control is then both convenient and practical. By finding the maximum temperature with a mixer tap, you can let the water flow into the bath with more confidence.



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