In a lot of situations, directional air flow systems are vital for a good atmosphere. You need them to monitor the air and to make sure you have a room that is completely sanitary and clean to work in. Luckily, Phoenix Controls have the best directional air flow systems that you could ever hope for.

Healthcare Situations

The most important place to have complete ventilation is in places that do Compound Sterile Preparations, which makes sure that everything is completely sterile. What the company promises to do with the directional air flow system is reduce sterile environments’ contamination, airflow monitoring (which helps to ensure the compliance of clean room particle count), airflow control at high speeds, high-volume airflow and more.

This system would be perfect in environments such as doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies and surgery rooms – generally rooms seeking complete sanitation.

The air flow of your rooms will be monitored on a constant basis and you will get a live feed of what is going on – ensuring you have the best possible quality of air. Additionally to this, you can also choose to have remote control to make sure you stay completely in control of your air flow system.

Why Do I Need Directional Airflow?

If an infectious agent is released in your workspace, you will need directional airflow as a secondary barrier. The directional airflow systems will help to decontaminate the environment and will make it safe to work in again. Using the system, you can also monitor the airflow so you can see whether the room really does comply with the cleanroom particle count (which is very important in these sorts of situations).

Without the use of directional airflow, you could have a risk of infectious contamination in the environment you’re working in and you may not even be aware of its presence. This system helps to prevent this, and will help to assure you of the actual cleanliness of the room. The systems can also usually be fitted really easily into your building.

How the directional airflow system works is that is takes air from clean areas towards areas of potential contamination, in a sustainable fashion. Most of these systems are energy-efficient and cost-effective, especially those sold by Phoenix Controls.

If you need any help about where you need to place your directional airflow systems, there are professionals everywhere that can provide expert advice so you get the very best out of it.

The directional airflow products help to reduce the contamination of environments that are supposed to be sterile, monitoring cleanroom particle count compliance, high-speed control of airflow and most importantly – impeccable directional airflow control.

No matter what kind of sterile environment you’re working in, investing in directional airflow control will always help you maintain brilliant air quality and eliminate any possible contamination that may enter your workspace. It is a vital ingredient of a good lab and you will not be able to work properly in a sterile environment without it.


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