Water is increasingly becoming a commodity that is more difficult to get hold of in Australia and for that very reason, you need to think about ways in which you can begin to store your own water resource, so that in the event of a dry up, you are well covered. You may decide to install an over the ground water storage tank, but it isn’t just the size and where you are going to put it that should be your only considerations. You need to consider what you want your tank to be made from. There are many types of materials to choose from like concrete, polyethylene and steel, but steel water tanks come out on top every time and here are the reasons why.

  1. It Lasts Longer – Stainless steel tanks are a great choice because they are highly resistant to corrosion and the intense heat that we experience in Canberra. There is no need to protect the base metal inside and outside the tank and the steel tank is also resistant to fire in the event of a bush fire. It also isn’t affected by any exposure to UV light. You can expect your tank to last long beyond the twenty year warranty that comes when you purchase one.
  2. Incredibly Durable – Unlike concrete tanks, for example, they are not prone to crack and so don’t let your valuable water flow away. While you may think that a crack in a water tank is just a small thing and can be easily fixed, you would be wrong. The crack not only affects the overall strength of your water tanks in Canberra, it also allows moisture to collect. This will allow bacteria to form and now the cleanliness of your water source is in question. Steel tanks are leak-free, so your maintenance will be lower and the repairs much easier.
  3. Lower Ongoing Costs – When choosing a steel water tank, you are choosing to save yourself quite a bit of money. You get a much improved life cycle with your steel water tanks and so less maintenance is required during their lifetime. Concrete and other tanks are more prone to issues and will end up costing you more due to cracks, wear and tear and overall poor performance.
  4. Customisation – Your steel tank can be made to suit your specifications and they are available in some massive sizes. With concrete and polyethylene you are somewhat restricted as to what you can buy as they are factory built and usually can’t be customised. You can pick the size of your steel water tank and also the type of roof you require.
  5. Eco-Friendy – Concrete water tanks allow calcium into the water if they are not coated correctly, but steel tanks keep the water clean all the time. There is a reason why hospitals get their water tanks made from steel. Steel is also one hundred percent recyclable, which reduces its environmental footprint.

Steel is the natural choice for your new water tank. It has all the advantages listed above and more. Look into getting your self a steel water tank today.