Digital Television has definitely changed the way Australians think about their viewing of the goggle box and it has allowed all Australian families, many more choices whether we use cable, satellite or terrestrial television. When we turn on our televisions now, we can get all sorts of advice from people about our health, our families, our homes and our relationships. We can now surf the internet on our televisions and send and receive text messages. We can order fast food to our homes and pay for movies that we want to watch.

Additional Services.

You need a TV antenna in Mandurah to be able to avail yourself of all of these extra services such as a much improved picture on your television, better sound quality, lots more channels to choose from and advanced digital information services. You can now connect your digital television receiver to the internet and play games, bet on the footie, do some online shopping and even have a look at your bank accounts.  The amount of channels we have now is amazing, when you compare it to the few we had under the old analogue system.


You can now take part in the broadcasting of programmes on Australian television. If there is a footie match on, you can actually send messages to the pundits via your television and get them to discuss your ideas live on the Television, right there in front of you. We are no longer just there to watch, but also to take part in the proceedings. We can watch the game from multiple angles and zoom in on individual players on the pitch, as well as rewind and watch a score or an incident that happened previously. It really is the modern age.

Access For The Disabled.

Everyone can now take part in the joy that is television. Subtitles are now available for most programming and signing services are also available as well. It is usually activated by a simple push of a button on your remote control and recently, television stations have been discussing adding audio descriptions for those of us that are visually impaired. This is proof that television is indeed for everyone.

It’s All There.

There are so many new things available on digital television nowadays and most information is, but a click away. Our remote controls not only change channels and turn the sound up and down, they also allow us to get information on anything from local government initiatives, to the weather we should expect in the next few days. It is no longer just about watching, but now it is about taking part as well. We are so lucky to have all this digital information and television shows at our finger tips and it is only going to get better and faster. There is a whole new world out there and it’s waiting for you to press the right button.

Digital television is fantastic and most of us in Australia already have it. There is so much to see and do and if you don’t know about it, then contact your local dealer and see what they can do for you.