Most people understand that renewable energy sources are a big part of the future of Australia and the world. Carbon-based finite resources, such as coal-fired power stations, still represent the majority of base-load electrical power in this country but this is quickly changing. Renewables such as solar are quickly gaining ground as reliable and clean generators of electrical power and more people are installing solar panels as part of their home electricity mix.

Looking After the Environment

As we know, the consensus on human-induced climate change among qualified and peer-reviewed scientists is overwhelming and the evidence is mounting each year that our activities across the globe since the industrial revolution have caused a shift in atmospheric carbon levels that is responsible for widespread climate change and species extinction.

The good news is that many companies, such as SolarKraft, are offering affordable solar panel installation packages for both homes and businesses around the country. There are many reasons to have solar panels installed, including but not limited to:

  • Costs: In Australia, the costs of electricity have increased dramatically in recent years. It is an ongoing problem that successive federal governments have failed to tackle successfully. There are numerous reasons for this, but having solar panels installed is one solution to lowering costs for individual households and businesses. As solar panels collect light and convert it to electricity, it is fed back into the power grid. This electrical power is then removed from the electrical bill that goes out to the household, saving money.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Despite that fact that government has been dragging its heels on solar batteries, they are now becoming more common. Those who have solar batteries installed in their homes can actually store the electrical power that is being generated by installed solar panels. This allows for less reliance on the grid and lower costs. It also means that a home can still use stored power even during a blackout. Some enterprising homeowners are even going completely off-grid!
  • Environment: Perhaps the most important reason to have solar panels installed is that doing so helps the environment. When we generate electrical power from sunlight, we are not relying on coal-fired power stations. Because of this, we are not adding to the already high levels of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Modern solar panels are more sensitive and energy efficient than even just a few years ago and this means that the technology has a major stake in the way that we tackle human-induced climate change.

Living a Responsible Life

Having solar panels installed means that you are part of the renewable energy solution that is facing the prospect of climate change head-on. Solar panels are a cost-effective renewable energy source that helps the environment and our bank balances.