Technology never fails to amaze us, and in the field of home security, great strides have been made by window film, with attractive designs that are virtually impenetrable. The Australian homeowner finally has an affordable alternative to CCTV and alarm systems, and the latest generation of window security film is practically invisible and offers the ultimate protection for all glazed surfaces.

  • Ultra Violet Filters – This reduces the heat that is transmitted through the glass, helping to keep the interior cool during those hot summer months, which will no doubt please your a/c, which won’t have to work so hard. If, for example, a homeowner wanted the best window protection in Perth, there happens to be a local company that uses the very best Israeli made window security film, and they are masters of their craft, always ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Easy Installation – The film is applied to the interior surface of the glass, and fixed to the frames with silicon, leaving a clean and tidy installation, and from a security point of view, the film is virtually impenetrable, ending any concerns you might have had regarding home security. All glazed surfaces are specially cleaned prior to the application, which ensures total bonding, and a typical home could be completed in a single day.
  • The Ultimate Deterrent – The modern burglar is an opportunist and looks for easy access, preferably from an open downstairs window, but breaking a window is not an issue, unless, of course, it has security film. The thief would recognise this from a few yards away, and would simply look for an unprotected property, of which there are still many. The deterrent value alone makes for value for money, not to mention the many other advantages that window film offers.
  • Affordable Security – Forget bars or grills, which are very costly to have made, and the latest generation of window film is the most cost-effective way to protect any building. According to research, the majority of domestic break ins involve broken glass, and window film is simply too much trouble for even the hardened burglar. When compared to other security options, applying window film makes perfect sense, and the appearance is not compromised in any way, giving you affordable home security that will last for many years.
  • Choice of tints – This is an excellent opportunity to add some seclusion, and with a long list of tints available, you can tailor to suit the property. You might, for example, have a sun facing elevation, and by using UV reflective film, you can greatly reduce the direct sunlight that penetrates the glass, which protects your valuable carpet and furniture.

If you would like to know more about this revolutionary window film, an online search will likely bring up a list of suppliers, and by choosing an established company, you can be sure of a great job, and for a small price, you can enjoy the many benefits for many years to come.