Unless the home you live in is recently built, it is likely that the electrical system is in need of repair or an upgrade, especially if the home is more than a decade old. New regulations and standards continuously make homes safer and it is imperative that you keep up with these changes as they ensure that all residents of your property are comfortable and safe. However, only professional electricians have access to much of the new technology available and you will need their expertise and resources to make sure that this upgrade is done in a safe and reliable fashion.

Tripped Breakers

Electrical circuit breakers should not trip often, leaving part or all of your home in darkness, and this is true of your fuses as well. This is a clear sign that your circuits are drawing significantly more current than can be safely provided, leading to the tripping of their failsafe and cutting of power to avoid causing a dangerous problem. This can also be indicative of a dangerous fault on one or more circuits, which is far too risky to avoid having diagnosed and corrected by a licensed professional.

Flickering or Waning Lights

Electrical services in Southampton become necessary once you begin noticing unusual behaviour from your lights. Pay close attention to your lights and other appliances whenever you turn on something new, such as a vacuum cleaner or the AC, and take note if they dim or flicker. Many motor-driving appliances draw more current than you think and should be wired on dedicated circuits to avoid problems such as this; a professional can help you make that possible.

Too Many Plugs

Multi-receptacle add-ons should not be at every outlet of the home just to give you access to the appliances that you use each day. Each new appliance plugged into the same outlet will double the electrical draw, forcing the electrical system to work beyond capacity and potentially tripping your system. A professional can assist in the addition of circuits with duplex receptacles to restore order to your home as well as help everyone remain safe and comfortable.

Too Few

It could be that you have too few outlets, forcing you to stretch wires across the floor and add extension cords, all of which can add up to create a dangerous situation. Too many wires can raise the risk of a trip or fall and it could also increase the risk of an electrical fire due to a shortage or problem with a circuit. A professional can help you determine whether you need more outlets that are closer together and whether you need an updated system to handle the extra draw requirements.


Older homes may not have the ability to accept three-prong grounded plugs, unlike the almost universal existence of three-prong outlets in modern and updated homes. This is not only frustrating but it could mean that your electrical wiring system is not properly grounded and could pose a safety hazard. This is more than a sign that you should get help but rather a clear indication that an upgrade is of dire necessity as your safety is at risk.