While owning a large home or mansion used to be the epitome of lavish living, many of the world’s wealthy are forgoing houses and mansions and opting for luxurious accommodations in condominiums. There are many advantages to living in condominiums, including having shared luxury amenities — such as a doorman, valet parking, concierge services, on-site grocery stores, restaurants, gym facilities, and much more.

To make condo living more appealing, many developments are being built as multi-unit family dwellings; some even cover an entire floor of the building. Below are just a few of the most highly sought after luxury condominium complexes from around the world.

The Marquand

Located in New York City at the corner of 68th and Madison, the Marquand was once the home of 19th century financier Henry Gurdon Marquand. While his mansion used to occupy the grounds of this highly sought after locale, the home and his guesthouses were demolished in 1913, and an 11-story apartment building was constructed in their place. While the building has undergone many owners and transformations over the years, it now offers high-end condominiums, many with living servants quarters included. The updated condos are spacious and family friendly. Units with Madison Avenue views run upwards of $22 million dollars.

One Thousand Museum

Located in Miami, Florida, the One Thousand Museum condominiums feature highly coveted ocean views. This 60-story building houses only 83 units because they focus on space, comfort, and luxury, in contrast to the tight living quarters typical of many condominiums. Their smallest units are 4,600 square feet, and the complex features full floor units and duplex penthouse units. Residents enjoy luxury amenities, such as floor to ceiling windows, private balconies, indoor and outdoor pools, security, valet parking, an onsite spa, and a rooftop helicopter pad.

The Parkhouse Gran Chidorigafuchi

Located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, this condominium building features the best of luxury condo living. The building boasts spectacular views of the Imperial Palace and Chidorigafuchi Pond, best known for its spectacular cherry blossoms. The building’s condos are selling for an otherwise unheard of 8 million yen. Units are already sold out, even though construction will not be complete until 2015.

Hotel Condos

Hotel condos and penthouses are growing in popularity worldwide. From the Yorkville Four Seasons in Toronto to The Ritz-Carlton Residence at L.A. Live, more condominium owners are opting for permanent residences in a hotel. The benefit to living in a hotel is that all of the luxuries and amenities of a hotel — security, spa, room service, concierge, valet parking, onsite gym, and all hotel amenities — can be packaged with the comforts of home. Many hotels with condominium residences even offer their condo owners private entrances or separate elevators. One of the many benefits to hotel condos is that they are typically placed in the heart of downtown or in other popular city locations.

Condo living is also ideal for wealthy individuals who keep more than one home. By having an alternate home in a luxury condo building, owners will benefit from increased safety and security when they are away from their residence for an extended period of time.


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