There are many great trees around the world that have been around for centuries out there, but not all of them make it in our day and age. While we can deal with the usual levels of gardening and landscaping, in actuality it is highly unlikely an tree planted by us will live for thousands of years.  A good example of that could be the cypress known as “The Senator” that was a sapling around 3500 years ago, right around the same time ancient civilizations such as the Phoenicians were around. It survived until 2012 when it burned to the ground by a 26-year old woman, a tourist in the area. This tree survived logging, disease, hurricanes blasting through the Central Florida swamplands and used to be a spiritual place for the Seminole native American tribe, Victorians who crossed the ocean and tourists for all that time, only to be annihilated by one careless and wanton act of destruction. Thankfully, nature is adaptable and it will outlive us all barring some horrible extinction level event, so there are plenty of trees out there that are still quite amazing without the need for landscaping and gardening, such as the following:

  • Old Tjikko in Sweden

The current holder of the world record for the world’s oldest tree sprouted somewhere close to the time of the last Ice Age, roughly 9500 years ago by last estimations. Imagine that, this 16 foot tall spruce located in the Dalarna province in Sweden has been around the time our ancestors were banging rocks together and figuring out basic tools, while today it witnesses a world where we roam the skies and orbit around our planet. The root system of this amazing tree has been around when the British Isles were still connected to the rest of Europe through the ice, making it something landscaping enthusiasts can only dream about.

  • Methuselah in California

This is a bristlecone pine tree located in California’s White Mountains area, which is believed to be somewhere around 5000 years old, making it the oldest known non-clonal tree existing today. The exact location of the ancient, gnarled tree is kept a secret for its own protection, which is understandable considering the fate of “The Senator” back in 2012. Back in 1964 a similarly old tree, potentially older was dubbed Prometheus, but was accidentally felled by accident by a scientist who failed to realize the tree was really that ancient.

This is a lush, 4000 years old yew tree that is a part of the 50 greatest British trees chosen by the UK Tree Council back in 2002. Llangernyw was planted in a North Wales churchyard back around the time we have dated the Egyptian Pyramids as something new in the world, which makes this tree one of the ancients of the world.

  • The Zoroastrian Sarv in Iran

This tree is considered an Iranian National Monument, located in Central Iran. This is a 4000 year old cypress tree that took root around the same time when wheels with spokes were becoming a novelty invention; it has witnessed several great civilizations rise and fall in its area.


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