Design styles change with every decade, season, and generation but some home decorating materials can really stand the test of time. Tile happens to be one of those materials that always offers a sleek and clean look to a new space while still having an amazing variety to choose from so you can make it your own.

Picking the Right Pattern

Sometimes when you want to keep your colour palette neutral but still want to jazz up your design, a pattern is the right way to go. There are almost an endless amount of designs you can choose that will make your space completely unique.

  • Straight lay
  • Subway style
  • Diagonal
  • Chessboard
  • Herringbone
  • Hexagon

With each new shape, colour, and format, a new vibe is created as well as a perfect starting point to the design of the rest of the space.

Why Tiles Are the Smart Choice

Another reason that tiles continue to stay relevant in design is because of the benefits they bring. After checking out any bathroom suppliers in Huddersfield, you’ll notice not only the durability that tiles have but also that they will combat moisture that could lead to rot and a whole host of other issues. Designing with materials that will also knock down repair costs down the line is always the smart move.

When you look at your next blank space, think about beginning with a solid material first (a trend that will bring great looks and a bang for your buck) and letting that inspire a completely original look for your new space.