There are some fundamental qualities that you need to consider when you are going to hire a skip. Skip bins have a wide range of different purposes, but you should always judge skip bins on the same criterion because this will ensure that you hire the best skip possible.

What are the main qualities of the skip bin that you are going to hire?

The Skip Bin Should Have A High Volume

  • You need to have a skip bin with a high volume, so this means during waste skip hire in Doncaster you should check the length and the depth of the skip bin. You will be able to put a large amount of rubbish into the skip bin when the volume is high. This should be the first attribute that you should consider.

The Skip Bin Should Be Strong Enough For Heavy Materials

  • You may need to get rid of a large amount of very heavy materials. In this case, the strength of the skip bin is going to ensure that this job is going to run smoothly.

The Skip Bin Should Be Able To Handle Different Waste

  • You might have a varied amount of waste that you need to get rid of, so you need a skip bin that is going to be able to handle the varied forms of waste. This might be garden clippings or old glass furniture. You do not want anything to get mixed up when it is going to be taken to the recycling plant.

The Skip Bin Should Be Completely Secure

  • Security is important when you are hiring a skip bin. There are several different types of covers that can be used on the skip bin. Some will have a solid metal cover that can be locked into place. Other skips are going to have a soft cover that can be stretched over the top. This covering is going to be completely waterproof and you will be glad that it has been put in place.

The Skip Bin Should Have A Cover To Resist The Elements

  • The cover should be able to resist the elements because wind and rain can interfere with the contents of the skip bin. You can choose to have a hardcover or a soft one. This is going to be useful when the weather is exceptionally bad.

The Skip Bin Should Be Extremely Visible

  • The skip bin should be extremely visible. This means you should choose a skip bin which is a luminous red, orange or yellow. The high-visibility paint is going to allow motorists to see the skip bin in plenty of time as they are driving past your house. The colour is going to minimise the risk of an accident happening.


There are many things that you need to take into account when you are hiring a skip bin. The size of the bin is the most important factor, followed by the type of material that it is able to carry.