A garbage disposal system at home ensures that the waste is efficiently discarded without having to sit for long hours at home attracting pests, odor and germs. It also means your kitchen will be cleaner and healthier. Your home thus generates less waste and thus contributes to the wellness of the environment. There are quite many quiet yet powerful garbage disposal systems available in the market today and each comes with attractive features and multiple benefits. To help you choose the right one, here is a review of some of the best garbage disposal systems available.

Waste King L-800: It is one of the best and most powerful systems and comes with a powerful grind that can churn out 2,800 RPM and has a strong motor which grinds much better than any other system. It has a continuous feed system which means waste can be added to it while it is working. It also works smoothly prevent any jam and it also comes with a removable splash guard which facilitates mess-free working. Made from stainless steel, its parts will remain as it is and will not rust. The glass-filled grinding chamber prevents all types of corrosion. Though such an efficient system, it works without making any noise.  The only thing is that it might not fit in certain cast iron sinks so, check this factor and buy it accordingly.

InSinkErator Badger 5: Its grind technology is of supreme quality which can even liquefy very hard solid foods. The feed system is of continuous type which is an added advantage. The quick lock sink mount makes installation easier. At the same time, it should be noted that being a budget garbage disposal system, it is not suitable for bone and corn husk waste. It is also a little noisy. It is quite durable and fairly works for a small household.

InSinkErator Evolution: This is yet another quiet yet powerful garbage disposal systems from InSinkErator. Its ¾ horsepower induction motor makes it quite capable for any homes. It also has multi-grind technology comes with a grindshear ring and the other noteworthy constituent is the lug system with tri action. This means you no longer have to care about what liquid waste is going down the garbage disposal system. It also has the effective sound seal technology which prevents vibration to minimise sound while running. As with the other model, this system also has the quick lock mount which makes replacement quite easy and quick.

Waste King L-2600: This model is also quite impressive as the other garbage disposal system from Waste King. The installation is easy because of the mounting hardware that comes with it. Its ½ horsepower motor works effectively with all kinds of waste. The components made out of stainless steel being corrosion proof ensure the system’s longevity. The other feature that is of help is the continuous feed system which makes waste disposal easy and quick. The splash guard is removable and its different components are all made with supreme quality that makes it one of the best garbage disposal systems from Waste King.