Unlike with like other home improvements when searching for the right outdoor tile material, there are many to choose from.  While this is great news, it also means that you will need to know the features and advantages of each before you make your final decision.  Here are some of the top picks:

Typical Choices

Ceramic and porcelain outdoor tiles can both often be found for very reasonable prices and in huge variety of colors and shades. Porcelain can even be made to look like many different natural stones.  But of course, installing real outdoor stone tiles can add some serious looks to your property. Slate, soapstone, and limestone can help to make your patio or walkway a sight to behold.  Yet, you will need to do your homework or talk to a professional before installing natural stone to make sure what you like is suitable for where and how you want to use it.

Travertine An Upscale Stone

While not as common as the materials mentioned above travertine is a winner.  Tiles made from it adorn the most lavish of homes and estates.  You can tell travertine tiles apart from those made from other stones by their unique pits or holes which are created when gasses escape as it is formed.  But if you prefer there are also tiles which have the holes filled in.  These outdoor tiles are perfect when paired with the Versailles tile pattern and used in larger spaces.  Many homeowners end up liking this material so much after using it outside that they end up choosing it for their next kitchen or bathroom upgrade as well.

Rubber For Safety

A material that has steadily been rising in popularity year after year is rubber.  Outdoor rubber floor tiles are not as aesthetically pleasing as travertine or other natural stones by any means but make up for it in function.  They can take heavy daily use but also give you a textured grip in even the slipperiest of spaces.  This can literally be a lifesaver in wet conditions, near pools, and on stairs.  If you have kids who love to play rough these might be the outdoor tiles you need to help prevent painful slips and falls on hard surfaces.

You now know the basics of some of the most useful and attractive options.  From ceramic to rubber you’ll surely find one that meets your requirements on all levels.  But, there are many others to pick from too especially when it comes to natural stone so keep your eyes open and do your research for guaranteed results.

To learn more about all types of outdoor tiles, how they can be used, and where to use them be sure to click here  and visit The Tile Home Guide a site with tons of free articles on all tile topics, projects, and materials to help you make sure your upgrade is a winning one!


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