Limited space is an ordinary issue in residential and commercial buildings. That is why space saving options, such as operable walls, are becoming a preferable choice among dwellers. Due to its unique design, an operable wall is easy to move and adjust as per your specific requirements. Besides the usual benefit of freeing up extra space, these walls offer plenty of other advantages and come with various features, to cater the needs of different clients. Mentioned below are some key components worth considering before installing an operable wall in your home or office.

  • Correct size

Readymade walls are being offered in various standard sizes; thus making it efficient for you to choose the most appropriate one. Rather than depending on guesswork, it is recommended to take accurate measurements of the space where you wish to install an operable wall and then shop for the right size to avoid any inconvenience later on.

  • Right material

The material of an operable wall can be chosen from plenty of options, ranging from the ever famous whiteboard and laminate to stylish fabric and veneer. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons and thus, it is up to you to decide which material will suit your needs the best. It is suggested to keep in mind the durability and aesthetic appeal of the material before finalising any.

  • Appropriate design

An operable wall should complement rest of the interior and not look out of place. If chosen carefully, the design of the wall can gel effortlessly with other elements, giving a uniform and pleasant look. Thus, decide beforehand whether you wish to achieve a modern and chic appearance or traditional, classy as well as choose the design and colour of the operable wall accordingly.

  • Good quality

Once installed, an operable wall is expected to serve its purpose for years to come and thus it being sturdy and durable is highly crucial. From the panels to folding mechanism, everything should function properly without displaying any gestures of wear and tear. Go through the options being offered by various manufacturers and suppliers in your area and only choose the one who is renowned for providing quality goods.

  • Affordable price

Last, but not the least, price of an operable wall can emerge as a deciding factor, as there is an amazing variety of these walls being sold at different price range. The prices of these walls can vary depending on various factors, such as size, design, material etc. One thing worth remembering is not to overlook quality of the wall when negotiating price, as it is advisable to spend a few extra bucks on a good quality wall, rather than save some money by purchasing a poor quality item.

Installing operable walls can make a huge difference to the overall appearance and usability of a space and thus become an integral part of your home or workplace decor. Keeping in mind the above mentioned points and adopting a diligent approach can help you choose the best operable wall.


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